You can download free versions of applications on this page. Free version shows all the features of the program. You can purchase the full version of program to open more exercises.

NOTE: Administration rights required for installation and activation!

Beginner the chess app includes 15 exercises: 3 exercises for learning chessboard, 2 exercises on chess pieces value, 3 exercises about moving figures, exercise to improve checkmate skills, 3 exercises on endgame and etc. This application is developed for beginners. It could be useful for chess players with low ELO rating too.

Beginner Installer for 32-bit Windows XP or later

Beginner Installer for 64-bit Windows XP or later

Tactic the chess app includes a large database of chess tasks on various subjects: checkmate in 1 move and 2 moves, taking, tactics. There are thousands of tasks for each topic. You improve your chess player level if you solve a bit part of tasks at least. This application is focused on low rating players. It could be useful for more experienced players with ELO rating up to 1800 too.

Tactic Installer for 32-bit Windows or later

Tactic Installer for 64-bit Windows or later